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 Make Whatsapp free for Lifetime

As every knows Whatsapp is Fastest Growing Messenger for Mobile Phones. Whatsapp is highly downloadable mobile application. Every person who use internet on mobile always use Whatsapp, instead of doing sms from number to everyone because sms needs to activate costly packs which offers limited messages but Whatsapp allow to send unlimited messages with better interface and inbuilt number of amazing features like sharing images, videos, audios or other files as you want.But the Major Problem with Whatsapp is that, its free subscription is just for one year. Means due to program policies of Whatsapp you can use it free for 1 year for every new installation. Then after completing 1st year you have to pay $0.99 to activate Whatsapp for next year. So here i will try to introduce amazing trick about making Whatsapp free after completing 1 year.

Note:- I know $0.99 is little bit amount and everyone can easily afford. So if your are not interested to due to do this then Just suggest you read it for fun because our aim is to increase your knowledge only.

So here i am going to start simple and easy steps about how you can extend your Whatsapp service time period. Before  following below steps i also recommend you to read my previous post about how you can use Whatsapp on your PC or Laptop.

Download Whatsapp Free For PC or Laptop

Steps To Make Whatsapp For Lifetime.

  • If you have any android or other mobile where you already install Whatsapp then i suggest you to delete you account and Whatsapp both from your device. 
  • Now you need iOS device i recommend you to use iPhone for this. If you already then follow steps. Otherwise Borrow it from you friend or any other person.
  • Make sure that they don't have already installed Whatsapp. If they don't having Whatsapp already then you need to download it from iTunes search  like Whatsapp for free because iTunes Offers sometime free apps.
  • Now Install Whatsapp in iOS. After the installation, Activate your mobile number and verify it.
  • After the verification, now use your Activated number on your own device and Check your Service time it is extended to Lifetime.
I hope this trick is working for everyone.Sometimes If you are lucky then you got lifetime service. But sometimes Whatsapp service period only extend for 1 year or may be for 10 years.  But we does not guaranty about it sometime it may not work depend upon you luck and right time. Then i request you to pay little bit amount of $0.99 via PayPal or any other available method.

If you face problem while implement this trick successfully then feel free to share your response in below comment box.

Whatsapp logo Download Whatsapp for free

Whatsapp becomes one the most popular Mobile Apps messenger for Android, iOS, Nokia and Blackberry or other Mobile Phones. Whatsapp is mostly famous for their features like unlimited Chatting with friends , Sending Images, Audios, Videos and any other file at free of cost. Now in these days many peoples start using Whatsapp instead of using other chat messengers just because of better experience in chat and also having numbers of chat emotions and many other important features. It is also become highly downloadable android apps in few months. Its is very simple and easy to use, simply by registering your mobile number then you will be able to do chat with all the mobile contact list who are already using Whatsapp. Few months Back Whatsapp also change its policies of usage. Now Whatsapp because Premium software. You are able to use Whatsapp free for 1st year then Whatsapp charge $0.99 for every year.
But Major Problem is Whatsapp Messenger is only for Androids Mobile and Apple iPhone or Tablets. Whatsapp doesn't publish any version for Using it on PC or Laptops. So how to use it on your PC or Laptop. Now in these their are many software's available which convert android apps into PC version. So now i decide to write about how you can use Whatsapp on your Windows OS and Mac OS. One of the most popular software Bluestacks which convert Android Apps in PC version. So by using Bluestacks will learn how you can use Whatsapp on PC. Simple follow my all steps carefully with some common sense also.:) And also read my another article about Whatsapp to make it free for lifetime

Make Whatsapp Free For Lifetime

Note:- Bluestacks required high graphic memory or graphic card. If you already having high inbuilt graphic memory then their is no need to worry about that. It's minimum required Windows XP SP3 or Higher OS version.

Steps To Use Whatsapp On PC or Laptop

  • After Downloading Bluestacks install  it in your PC or Laptop.
  • After the successful Installation open your Bluestacks then you will see a Search bar in center or small icon at top side corner for it.
Whatsapp in Bluestacks
  • Then Simply Type Whatsapp in the Search box and download it.
  • If you already have .apk extension file for Whatsapp then their no need to download simply open that file with Bluestacks.
Whatsapp download

Now Install And Activate Your Whatsapp

  • After Successfully Download. Now start Installing Whatsapp on your PC or laptop. Installation Required some verification.
  • After Installing Whatsapp, then it will ask you to enter your Mobile number for which you want to use your Whatsapp.
  • Then you need to verify you mobile number by sms or call as same procedure which we done to install Whatsapp on Mobile Phone.
Whatsapp verify
  • Then Enter the verification code. Now your Whatsapp is Activated and ready to use on your PC or Laptop.
  • Now Simple check your contact list or add contacts manually who are all ready using Whatsapp.
  • Now enjoy Chatting and Sharing _:)
Whatsapp on PC

I hope you enjoy this amazing trick about Whatsapp Messenger For PC. Their are many other available ways to use Whatsapp on PC but may be all are working or not. But this method to use Whatsapp is working successfully but be sure  about minimum requirements of Bluestacks need. So I hope you will not face any problem in these steps because this trick is easy to understand.

But If you face any kind of problem or having any doubt then must leave you precious comment.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Control Mouse with Your Body Gestures

Control Mouse with Your Body Gestures

Here is the one more thing i’d gonna provide you that is Control Mouse With Body Gesture yes you can control you mouse eith your body gesture easily when you move your mouse moving the same direction this is like some one copying you whatever you do and this is very cool I’ve just tried this and this is amazing software like gesture mouse. when ever you want to move mouse cursor simple move your face lil bit and mouse do same.  Control Mouse With Body Gesture

So you do not need any additional hardware setup to do this thing just a webcam installed will work perfect. Now what’s the use about this tool well as mentioned on their official website CameraMouse.org its really a good tool for people with some disabilities or for anyone having problem to navigate the mouse with their hands just fix a spot and you are ready to rock and roll. Control Mouse With Body Gesture

%SEO friendly image.jpeg Control Mouse With Body Gesture

So now just check out below steps on how to download this tool and use this on your PC or laptop and get an awesome wireless Kinect experience right away.
  1. Download CameraMouse [Link]
  2. Now extract the .zip package and you will get a .exe setup, double click it.
  3. Now just follow steps and install this software on your PC.
  4. Now you will get a green rectangle icon on your desktop double click it and you will have this tool running.
  5. Now you will see your webcam running and your face would be visible.
  6. Now just use your mouse to click on any part of your face or body to track.
  7. Now a green rectangle would be marked on that place.
  8. Now it will start moving as you move and now you will see your mouse moving as your part move’s that’s it.
  9. Now you can easily click on any part and enjoy mouse movements with gesture’s.
  10. Now to use click’s just open settings and under clicking Tick Mark it.
  11. Now choose settings and when ever you want a click just wait for that seconds and mouse will automatically click on that place.

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HOW TO CRACK A SOFTWARE (for beginners)

How to get started in the art of cracking

Tons of new programs are coming out each day… But the bad thing is that
most of them are shareware, which means that you have to pay to get the full
version (most of the time, when you’ll register, the creators of the program
will e-mail you an unlock code)… But there are some guys called “crackers”
who can modify the program so that you don’t need to pay to get the full
version. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to crack programs (except VB
programs). I hope that you’ll enjoy it.

| |
|1) Programs that you’ll need to get started |
|2) Basic things about cracking |

1) Programs that you’ll need to get started



Here’s the list of programs that you’ll need to get to start cracking:

WinDiassembler(only XP)

Hex Workshop

Hacker’s View

2) Basic things about cracking

Please remember that in this tutorial, I expect that you never cracked a
program, so it should be easy for beginners.

Here is, step by step, what you have to do to crack a program which needs a
name and a serial number (assuming that there’s no good protection):

a) Run the program
cool.gif Go to the place where you can enter your name and a serial number
c) Type your name and any serial number
d) Write down (or memorise) the error message
e) Copy the program’s exe to .bak (for backup) and to .w32
f) Disassemble [progname].w32 with WinDisassembler
g) Click on search -> search. Type the error message, and click on search
h) Scroll up until you find this “Referenced by a (U)nconditional or
©onditional Jump at Address: | blabla” (where blabla is the address)
i) Go to this address by scrolling up (the addresses are writen on the left)
j) There should be “jne” written at this address.

h) Double-click on the line and memorise the offset (written on the status bar)
i) Launch hacker’s view and edit the exe files
j) Press F4 and select Decode Mode
k) Press F5 and type the Offset.
l) Press F3 and type 74 (which will change jne to je)
m) If the program isn’t very securised, it should be cracked now!
n) Run the program
o) Type your name and any serial number
p) It should work!

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