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Control Mouse with Your Body Gestures

Control Mouse with Your Body Gestures

Here is the one more thing i’d gonna provide you that is Control Mouse With Body Gesture yes you can control you mouse eith your body gesture easily when you move your mouse moving the same direction this is like some one copying you whatever you do and this is very cool I’ve just tried this and this is amazing software like gesture mouse. when ever you want to move mouse cursor simple move your face lil bit and mouse do same.  Control Mouse With Body Gesture

So you do not need any additional hardware setup to do this thing just a webcam installed will work perfect. Now what’s the use about this tool well as mentioned on their official website its really a good tool for people with some disabilities or for anyone having problem to navigate the mouse with their hands just fix a spot and you are ready to rock and roll. Control Mouse With Body Gesture

%SEO friendly image.jpeg Control Mouse With Body Gesture

So now just check out below steps on how to download this tool and use this on your PC or laptop and get an awesome wireless Kinect experience right away.
  1. Download CameraMouse [Link]
  2. Now extract the .zip package and you will get a .exe setup, double click it.
  3. Now just follow steps and install this software on your PC.
  4. Now you will get a green rectangle icon on your desktop double click it and you will have this tool running.
  5. Now you will see your webcam running and your face would be visible.
  6. Now just use your mouse to click on any part of your face or body to track.
  7. Now a green rectangle would be marked on that place.
  8. Now it will start moving as you move and now you will see your mouse moving as your part move’s that’s it.
  9. Now you can easily click on any part and enjoy mouse movements with gesture’s.
  10. Now to use click’s just open settings and under clicking Tick Mark it.
  11. Now choose settings and when ever you want a click just wait for that seconds and mouse will automatically click on that place.

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HOW TO CRACK A SOFTWARE (for beginners)

How to get started in the art of cracking

Tons of new programs are coming out each day… But the bad thing is that
most of them are shareware, which means that you have to pay to get the full
version (most of the time, when you’ll register, the creators of the program
will e-mail you an unlock code)… But there are some guys called “crackers”
who can modify the program so that you don’t need to pay to get the full
version. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to crack programs (except VB
programs). I hope that you’ll enjoy it.

| |
|1) Programs that you’ll need to get started |
|2) Basic things about cracking |

1) Programs that you’ll need to get started



Here’s the list of programs that you’ll need to get to start cracking:

WinDiassembler(only XP)

Hex Workshop

Hacker’s View

2) Basic things about cracking

Please remember that in this tutorial, I expect that you never cracked a
program, so it should be easy for beginners.

Here is, step by step, what you have to do to crack a program which needs a
name and a serial number (assuming that there’s no good protection):

a) Run the program
cool.gif Go to the place where you can enter your name and a serial number
c) Type your name and any serial number
d) Write down (or memorise) the error message
e) Copy the program’s exe to .bak (for backup) and to .w32
f) Disassemble [progname].w32 with WinDisassembler
g) Click on search -> search. Type the error message, and click on search
h) Scroll up until you find this “Referenced by a (U)nconditional or
©onditional Jump at Address: | blabla” (where blabla is the address)
i) Go to this address by scrolling up (the addresses are writen on the left)
j) There should be “jne” written at this address.

h) Double-click on the line and memorise the offset (written on the status bar)
i) Launch hacker’s view and edit the exe files
j) Press F4 and select Decode Mode
k) Press F5 and type the Offset.
l) Press F3 and type 74 (which will change jne to je)
m) If the program isn’t very securised, it should be cracked now!
n) Run the program
o) Type your name and any serial number
p) It should work!

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