Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Change 'start' written on the Start Button in Windows XP

 How to change 'start' written on the

Start Button in Windows XP

 For this trick you need Resource Hacker. Download from here:
Resource Hacker

  • Now let us learn how to change 'start' written in the Start button in XP to your desired name, here say 'Begin'. To do this first of all you need resource hacker. If you don't have you can download it from the link given above under the heading 'Some free links to useful softwares'.
  1. The 'start' written on the start button is given by the file 'explorer.exe' of Windows. So naturally we have to change the settings of that file. But such settings of an exe file cannot be changed from its properties, so we have to hack its resource. For this we need Resource Hacker. (Note: From here we will refer Resource Hacker as 'reshack'.)
  2. Open reshack and go to file=>Open.
  3. In the open resource dialogue box, search for the file 'explorer.exe' or 'explorer' in the WINDOWS folder in your OS drive.
  4. You will observe some folder like tags appear with a + besides each of them on the left side of the reshack. Click on the + besides String Table.
  5. Click on the + besides 37 under String Table.
  6. You will get an greenish yellow flower-like icon with1033 written beside it. Click on 1033(not on the icon).
  7. You will find some writings on the right side of reshack. Select start as in image:
  8. Erase and write whatever you like, like here it is Begin:

  9. Click on Compile Script.
  10. Save the file and name it  Begin.exe. Save it in WINDOWS only, that is, where explorer.exe is kept.
  11. Now we have changed the resource file's settings, but we have to tell Windows to read our desired file(Begin.exe), not the explorer, as the Begin contains our desired settings, not explorer. Open Registry Editor (start=>Run, then type regedit).
  12. On the left side of regedit, click on + besides 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE'.
  13. Under it click on + of 'SOFTWARE'.
  14.  Under that click on + of 'Microsoft'.
  15. Under it click on the + of 'Windows NT' and then on + of 'Current Version' under that.
  16. Under that search for Winlogon. Click on it (NOT ON +).
  17. On the right side under the name column, search for Shell. Double Click on that.
  18. In the Edit String dialogue box, under Value data. Explorer.exe should be written. Erase and type your saved exe file's name- Begin.exe.
  19. Then press OK.
  20. You will observe that start is not still changed. Log off your PC and then Log in.

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