Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Create A Real Hidden Folder

How To Create A Real Hidden Folder

  • Hiding a folder is a big problem in Windows. If I hide a folder by changing its attribute to "Hidden", it shows the folder when the "Show hidden folder" is checked. So here is a more useful trick. 
  1. Right Click on the desired folder.
  2. Rename.
  3. Erase the old name. Then pressing "Alt" type "0160".
  4. Then press enter. You will see that the folder will accept a blank name.
  5. Again Right Click on that folder.
  6. Select Properties.
  7. Then on the Customize Tab Click Change icon.
  8. A list of icons will appear. There will be a blank icon. Select it.
  9. Apply that icon.
You now have a REAL hidden folder!

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