Tuesday, 25 September 2012

IDM Free Download with Lifetime Registration

Download IDM free with Lifetime Registration

One of the most  common problem for most Internet Lovers that their IDM or Internet Download Manager never remains registered. Either they have to generate keys regularly from certain software or patches, but they never get a lifetime registration. Follow the steps if you wish to get a lifetime registration.

  1. Download idm from here. If you already have it, no problem.
  2. Then open 'IDM Crack for life.exe". Download it from here. 
  3. Click on the Update as shown  
  4. Go to IDM=> Help=> Check For Updates and update it.  
  5. Now open IDM rack for life again. Click on Start to make the updated software full version. 
  6. Now go to idm and see Help=> About IDM. It will show you Full as shown: 
  7. NOTE: After this never update IDM.
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