Tuesday, 25 September 2012

See the IP Address of an e-mail

How to see the IP Address of the 

Sender who sent you e-mail

Here I will show you how to know the ip address of an email sender who sent an email to you.   
  1. First select the desired message from your inbox.
  2. Then select its header. To view the header, refer to the next heading "To view Header of an email".
  3. Then copy the header and paste in the dialogue box of the link:http://www.ip2location.com/emailtracer.aspx.
  4. Then hit Look up.

To View Header Of An Email 

  1. For Apple Mail 2.x(Mac): Select the message=> Press SHIFT-COMMAND-H or click View in menu bar=>Message=>Long headers.
  2. MS Outlook 2003 (Win): Select the message=>Right click=>Options. Headers will be displayed under Internet Headers in the pop-up window.
  3. Mozilla Thunderbid 2.x(Win): Select the message=> Ctrl-U or click View in the menu bar=>Message source.
  4.  Google Mail or Gmail: Open the message=>Click the down arrow besides Reply Link=>Show original.
  5. Windows Live Hotmail(Full Version): Right click on the message from the list of messages=>View Source.
  6. Yahoo Mail "New" Version: Rightclick on the message=>View full headers.
     7.Yahoo Mail"Classic" Version:Click on the message=>Full Headers on the bottom right.

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